The E-Vai! Project

Since January 2011 (in progress) the E-Vai! Project was funded by Fondazione San Zeno in Verona and Vita Consulting.

The E-Vai! acronym means, in Italian words: Education, Will, Acceptance, Integration.

The Project is implemented by a network of 11 schools, 9 middle schools, covering the entire territory of the Sixth municipalities of Naples and two vocational schools in the same area where there’s a significant percentage of dispersion than compulsory education up to 16 years.

The project consists of a first step guidance that is realized in schools: here are triggered discussion groups with students, parents, teachers, and is used to reactivate a reflection on its history by allowing all to speak, so check what the students and families who have doubts, uncertainties, liabilities compared to later schooling and life.

More specifically, this step is a meeting with parents and 4 focus groups with boys. At the end of this process the teachers and the project staff identify those students who recognize that they need an additional motivational support and face recognition of credits in the following studies. For these students a weekly workshop is carried out for 6 months where they realize themselves in a socio-educational way and professionally.

The goal is to bring to high school groups of remotivated students who have improved their cooperative and collaborative abilities. In the second phase of the project involves an accompanying education and training of students enrolled to halve the rate of dispersion phenomenon. In the past school year this rate in the first classes in vocational schools of the area has fluctuated between 40 and 60%.

The objective is to bring the rate to below 20%.


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